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Mercy Wings Ministries

GLAUBEN+LEBEN (International: Mercy Wings Ministries) is run by Peter and Gemma Walterscheid. Their work is divided into the Christian national and international ministries and councelling, supervision and coaching services.


Peter Walterscheid

  • Christian national and international ministries
  • Seminars, sermons and worship
  • Mission and support of missionary work and ministries
  • Promotion of development, new foundations of Christian churches and communities.

We encourage people from different social backgrounds to accept their tasks in their families, jobs and communities and to help them to get in touch with God and with each other


II.Corinthians 13:13



Gemma Walterscheid

  • Counselling, supervision, coaching
  • Professional life councelling based on Christian values
  • Integrative approach using elements from various methods of psychology
  • Relationship crisis or life crisis
  • Couple councelling, communication training
  • Support in matters of faith and crisis of faith
  • Supervision, coaching
  • Seminars


We wish to reach people with the Gospel, the Good News.

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